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Google Joins US Offshore Wind Power Project (Time : 01:33)

Google is investing an ambitious multi-billion dollar power project. It may be the offshore wind on the US East Coast. Google has thrown its financial clout behind an five billion US dollars proposed electric transmission It is to spark investment new wind farms off heavily populated US East Coast. Needham, Business Operations Director, "Instead of multiple piecemeal connections, this will as a superhighway, on-ramps for wind farms and the ability be intelligently expanded." Google described its 37.5 percent stake in the project as stage," leaving open possibility other investors or lenders be brought to finance actual construction. [Rick Needham, Business Operations Google]: "While project does have great it is also early but we're willing take calculated risks on large-scale that can an industry. Indeed, that's has made our company so successful to Japan's Marubeni Corp and York investment firm Good Energies also going to invest in the Currently, there are no wind farms in US The proposed would be installed under seabed, 15 miles 20 miles offshore. That make turbines all but invisible from the and head off concerns the turbines could the views from the tourist-dependent Cod region of Massachusetts.

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